Art Beacon Digital Residency

17 NOV TUE 2021


Education doesn’t stop when you leave school and it doesn’t just happen in the classroom. My Artist’s Soul has an endless thirst for knowledge and I feel empty if I’m not learning something new everyday.

Continuing education, film, books and experiences are a constant source of inspiration and I can not say enough how important education is to all of us. Never stop learning. Never.

Two books in my studio library that changed the trajectory of my work over the past twelve years are “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron and “The Mission of Art” by Alex Grey. “The Artist’s Way” was a turning point when I was stuck and by gathering a small group of others to go through the process with me, I changed the way I thought about my art. Journaling “The Mission of Art” embedded Alex Grey’s concepts in my psyche and expanded the way I look at the world and the innate truth behind the Artist’s spark and reason for being. I highly recommend these two books.

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