Artist’s Bio

11 Dec 2021

How do you write an “Artist’s Bio” if you gave up a career in art at eighteen for unrequited love? Picture this; from a very young age you’ve been drawing and received straight A’s in every art class in high school.  When you turned 18, you entered your first year of college where your plans were to study art and become a Commercial Artist.  But, your Mother and her high school friend play matchmaker and you fall head over heels in love.  Your studies lag because you’re infatuated with love for this other person, and your first love, your art gets tossed to the side. This is what happened to Valerie Van Horne.

Valerie’s love affair with her art was not as important as her love for this person and she thought marriage and children were in her future, so she quit her studies after the first semester, which was a grave mistake.  Six years of concentrated art education and a possible career flushed down the drain for what would become an unrequited one year relationship with a person who cheated on her. 

You see, her Father wasn’t one for supporting her education, but when her brother quit his, he decided to support hers and there wasn’t any limit.  The two year college where she began her studies was to lead into further studies at a state university and an art and design school in another state.  But when she quit, there was no going back.  she would have to pay her own way, and eventually, she did. 

After 21 years of drifting, searching, learning, traveling, and experiencing loves, losses, hardships, and so much more, Valerie graduated with honors from a different state university at the age of 39 with a B.S. in Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management and a Minor in Design Studies, a degree and minor for which 100% was paid for by grants and scholarships that she worked hard to get. But yet, her love affair with her art was not as important as being able to put a roof over her head and for the next 11 years her creativity was used in hospitality management.

When Valerie’s management career ended, not by choice, almost 11 years ago today, it was a swift kick, one she didn’t fully understand for quite some time.  But later she realized it was supposed to happen, and it was exactly what she needed because it led her back to her first love, her art.  Always one for synchronicity throughout her life, everything happens for a reason and why everything happened and is happening is because she is supposed to be an Artist, it’s supposed to be her career, and she is proud to be one. Her first love will never be tossed to the side again because her art is more important, and she will never quit her art ever again.