INK365Draw began November 1st, 2020 and consists of 305 hand-drawn ink on paper drawings using words from a 1982 Webster’s Dictionary as prompts. Drawings 1 through 212 are in Moleskine Journals and drawings 213 through 305 are on 6”x8” mixed media paper. The project began when the Inktober 2020 daily drawing challenge came to an end and I couldn’t find another challenge that interested me. I promised myself I would draw everyday for 365 days; however, I hosted an event in June, and went through a work transition in September and missed those two months.

My inspiration for this project came from the old, yellowed, and unglued pages of that $3.95 paperback dictionary and images curated from the internet that represent them. My work is unique because of this. Most of the words are no longer popular, unused or unknown. I discovered this when looking for images. Some words have been replaced by slang and/or dummied down so the word no longer holds the same prestige as it once did. This saddened me and brought a deeper connection to the word and the memories of when I discovered it.

Over 550 people from around the world, and almost every continent, follow INK365Drew and over 1,400 like my work. I’ve personally communicated with over 2,000 through messages. Some just a few words, others more. It’s wonderful knowing my work has touched so many around the world. My audience consists of artists, small businesses, nonprofits, galleries, collectors, art professionals and art businesses who enjoy black and white, pen and ink drawings and are interested in my interpretation of words pulled from an old paperback dictionary.

A selection of drawings from INK365Draw are available in multiple formats at Fine Art America and ArtPal.





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