Artist’s Journey

My Grampa Van Horne was an Artist.  He was a lithographer, photographer, inventor, outdoorsman, craftsman, visual artist and comedian.  He served in WW1, making maps and taking pictures in France and worked for Iowa Lithographing before and after the war.  He, my Grandma and Uncle Bob all lived in a bungalow near the corner of 26th and Woodland in Des Moines.  Many fond memories in that house.  Many fond memories with my Grampa and his cat, Tiger.

I guess I take after him.

It was my First Grade Teacher, Miss Hoffman, who recognized my talent and awarded the school’s only scholarship to me for classes at the Des Moines Art Center.  Having the love and support of family and teachers is crucial to the success of any Artist.  It boosted my self esteem and made me feel special.  I had big dreams and goals, and with their love and support I knew I could achieve them.


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