Art Beacon Digital Residency

20 NOV SAT 2021

Current Work

My INK365Draw project began on November 1st, 2020 and consists of 305 black and white drawings using words from a $3.95, paperback, 1982 Webster’s Dictionary as prompts. Drawings 1 through 212 are on 5” x 8.25”, 47 lb Moleskine Plain Kraft Journal paper and drawings 213 through 305 are on 6”x8”, 184 lb Strathmore Mixed Media paper. I started this project when the Inktober 2020 daily drawing challenge came to an end and I couldn’t find another challenge that interested me. I promised myself I would draw everyday for 365 days; however, in 2021, I hosted an event in June, and went through a work transition in September and did not draw those two months.

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