Sketchbook Project 2011

Science Projects
Gone Wrong
Pages 13, 14, 15

This new and exciting form of communication created quite a scene in Detroit where the police department melted it down and used it.
A very smart man from New York City named Al Gross thought doctor’s at a Jewish hospital needed to be connected timelessly to their patients and created the first BeEp.  The tube from this BeEp would never be disconnected from another American ever again.
When Mr. Motorola, from the Windy City, got ahold of Al’s idea, the number of BeEps grew tremendously, creating an ever increasing need for bits and bites of storage from the millions of tiny tubes.
Mr. Motorola thought there must be a way to attach all these tubes to the rest of the world and ran it through a newly created metal bowl turned towards the sky.  The bits and bites created energy balls that bounced and bounced up into the sky without anyone knowing. 

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