Sketchbook Project 2011

Science Projects
Gone Wrong

Pages 16, 17, 18

The balls bounced, and bounced so very high up into the sky.  The easterly winds grabbed ahold of the balls and blew them towards Europe and beyond.
Mr. Motorola was very happy when his big shipment of BeEps reached European shores.  Soon everyone from London to Tokyo had a BeEp with little bouncing balls from the silver dish turned towards the sky.
Chirps, buzzes, and even stimulating vibrations reached the ears, purses, bags, and bodies of hundreds of rushing walking people trying to get to wherever they were going next.
The noise grew so loud it had to be funneled back into the tubes and pipes, and bricks before everyone went mad.  Siphoned, bent, and curved.  The noise grew softer and softer amidst the chaos of already hectic, busy life.

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