Sketchbook Project 2011

Science Projects
Gone Wrong
Pages 19, 20, 21
The soft noises rolled, bounced, and whisked their way around the world through tubes and pipes of every shape.
In Japan, the noise created quite a problem for a group of students.  The students were failed for receiving exam answers via the tubes, and pipes and their chiiter and chatter was quickly silenced.
The students were angry and as they left the school, their chiiter and chatter marked with many loud sounds and body postures.  Something had to be done with all this energy and so it was funneled into the biggest tube ever, the Tube of Multiple Emotions.
 The Tube of Multiple Emotions held the student’s energy and it became quite valuable.  It’s content’s were rationed and warning lights were placed on the delicate pipes leading from it in order to alert all of those taking more than they needed.

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