Art Beacon Digital Residency

17 NOV TUE 2021

My Past Work

Artivism is a portmanteau word combining art and activism. … In many cases artivists attempt to push political agendas by the means of art, but a focus on raising social, environmental, and technical awareness is also common. – Wikipedia

99 to 1 : Women and the 1%

Gender and Income Inequality

Through extensive online research I found photographs of 99 women not known to be wealthy using random search words. These women represent the 99%. I printed the photographs, traced their faces, and researched royalty, aristocrats and socialites that might be of their ancestral lineage. I create new portraits of these women incorporating clothing, headdresses and jewelry from possible royal, aristocratic or socialite ancestors and shift the 99% into the 1%.

During research and production new areas of interest arose which lead to writing fictional descriptions based on real facts and adding women who committed crimes and women known to be wealthy.

  • Sakura Micron
  • Stonehenge 100% Cotton
  • 8×8


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