Art Beacon Digital Residency

19 NOV FRI 2021

My Ongoing Work

2007 – 2017

My Father, and his Father were photographers. My Grandfather had a little dark room where he developed his work and was a photographer during WWI in France. He worked for Iowa Lithographing all his life except when he was in the war. He was an Artist, Inventor and avid Outdoorsman. My Father and he taught me all I needed to know about photography and I’ve had one all my life. Thousands and thousands of photos are stored in albums and boxes and on cloud drives, flash drives and external hard drives. It would take years for me to catalog all of them. Here is just a teenie tiny miniscule fraction of a drop of DNA for your viewing pleasure. By the way, in “no” way am I a professional, I just use my camera as another medium, like my mechanical pencil or Micron Pigma ink pens.

Look at the little things in life and you’ll see more than you can ever imagine. – vlvh

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