Art Beacon Digital Residency Nov. 9th to Nov. 22nd 2021

09 NOV TUE 2021

Back Story & Catch Up

The Art Beacon is a resource for finding out about art happenings in Central Iowa and Artist Rachel Buse is it’s driving force. Currently living and working in Des Moines, Iowa, Buse is also the co-owner of Portrait Studio, an interactive drawing exchange between artist and sitter and manages the Art Beacon Digital Residency on Instagram for Iowa artists to share their work.

The Art Beacon Digital Residency offers a view into diverse art practices from Iowa-connected artists and helps them become visible to a community outside of their established network.  Artists can personally share context around their work that might otherwise be missed or overseen and can connect with new artists accrued through the Art Beacon Instagram account. Residencies run from 1-2 weeks in length and Artists are invited by the Buse and are occasionally selected from call submissions.

When Rachel Buse invited me to participate in the digital residency, of course I said, “Yes!”. I respect her role in Iowa’s Creative Community and appreciate her support of my Life’s Work.

Over a period of two weeks I’ll share with you my art practices, images of past work, what I’ve been up to over the past year with my INK365Draw project and my upcoming pop-up show on Saturday, November 20th at Five Monkeys Inc. in Historic Valley Junction.


“The medium doesn’t matter to me. I start with a thought and use whatever I want to bring it into existence.” – vlvh

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