Art Beacon Digital Residency

11 NOV TUE 2021

My Art Practice

“The medium doesn’t matter to me. I start with a thought and use whatever I want to bring it into existence.” vlvh

A full time day job and a couple community service art projects were taking up a lot of time and getting into the studio to work on my own art was becoming increasingly difficult. It was actually starting to make me feel miserable because I didn’t think I could call myself an “artist” since I wasn’t making any art on a regular basis. That’s when I shifted my perspective.

I started seeing my community service art projects as part of my practice – a practice that wasn’t just about being in a studio but included supporting Iowa Creative’s and connecting them to a larger community. By not defining my art through one lens, I recognized my art practice had matured and grown and I started to see the bigger picture and my role as an “artist”.

With a switch to a part time day job I no longer have to squeeze my own art into whenever I have time. I can now plunge deeper into my life’s work. My art practice includes my own art, community service art projects, mentoring other artists. and engaging creatively as often and in as many ways as I can.

📷 @karl.ajconrad & @alexjacobsphotography

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